The Intent Reader

The primary goal of Rocket Phonics is to teach that reading is fun. Our secondary goal is to teach them to read. This young man is in third grade with seventh grade skills. He is done with Rocket Phonics, but he needs to read books that will increase his vocabulary both in recognized words and in words he never used before. We were just going to do a chapter maybe two, but he was so interested he read four!


97% of visitors to Rocket Phonics were referred by a friend. I assume you have a child that you want to love reading. The best way to find out is to call me after noon Eastern Time. If I'm on the phone with another parent then leave your phone number and time zone and 3 times when I can reach you.

Dr. Guffanti Tutoring

60% of Children Struggle Learning to Read

Why is it normal for kids to struggle to learn to read? Because most reading programs have only 5 vowel letters and 13 vowel sounds. English has 800,000 words and each word has at least one vowel. For the normal reading program the child must guess at the vowel sound. They will be wrong 8 out of 13 times. With the odds stacked against them they get frustrated at losing. They deserve a reading program where they win. Rocket Phonics set them up to win.

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