VPK- Passing The Emergent Reader Assessments

A Four-year-old that can rhyme can read phonetic words about half of all English words are phonetic. Before we worry about the other half we need to assesses the child’s ability to recognize letters or words, and his/her knowledge of letter names (both upper and lower case) and the sounds they make. This is called the Print Knowledge measure includes a total of 12 assessment items and two practice items. Once they know printed words represent spoken words they need to recognize sounds in those words. Phonological Awareness is the awareness and manipulation of the different sounds in a word. The Phonological Awareness measure assesses the child’s ability to: blend (put together) a word if it is broken up into smaller sounds or syllables. Blend a compound word
Recognize the remaining word when part of the stimulus word is taken away. The Phonological Awareness measure includes a total of 14 assessment items and two practice items. Can Rocket Phonics games do all this and be fun? Yes!

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