Step 5 Fluency

Fluency is defined as reading at about the speed at which you talk. Obviously, your child needs to read out loud to judge if he is reading at the speed at which he talks. If he miss reads a word that word is subtracted. The speed comes from the increased number of recognized words developed from reading. It leads to comprehension by allowing your child to remember the beginning of the sentence by the time he gets to the end. Some reading programs assume comprehension if the child is fluent, but that isn’t wise for three reasons:

First, Dyslexics are seldom fluent, but can have incredible comprehension. Second, hyperlexics are fluent, but don’t understand what they read. Third comprehension depends on visualization and vocabulary. This means understanding the meaning of the words they are reading and creating a movie in your mind that links this movie into a comprehensible picture. Conquer those two things and dyslexics can read comprehensively. 

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