The Heart War Is Won; Each Book Now Expands Their World


Leo had started reading this Lego Movie Book a few days ago. He was busy taking tests so I didn’t read with him again until today when he begged to finish the book. Each book has new vocabulary which he writes down and looks up the definition. I take a picture of his new words and text it to his grand mom and his teacher in case they want to help him with spelling. 

There are more than 800,000 words in the English language. No one person knows them all, but it turns out the more words you know and can use the more financial opportunities come your way. Mostly, my job now is cheerleader and encourage him to try and decode any new words. Every new word brings him closer to ultimate success.

If you don’t want your child to live with you far longer than you originally intended. If you are looking forward to the day when they take care of you rather than you take care of them then get them to love reading and teach them to read!

I’ve had success with this child and I can help you have success with yours.

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