The War Is For The Heart Of The Child

My brother and I are dyslexic. (It is a genetic problem usually and runs in the family. Although you can teach someone to be dyslexic.) We both don’t like to read. In fact, it took me 5 years to get him to read 1 book. We both read whatever books were required at school, but not for pleasure. I graduated from medical school and my brother with high honors and a masters.

But if you are low income you are surrounded by non-readers and the only way to grow your vocabulary both spoken and written is to read. Moreover, the higher your vocabulary the higher your future income. 

If you don’t want your child to live with you far longer than you originally intended. If you are looking forward to the day when they take care of you rather than you take care of them then get them to love reading and teach them to read!

I’ve had success with this child and I can help you have success with yours.

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