If you found my site chances are you were referred by a friend. I love helping little kids learn to read especially as the confusion begin to clear. Let me tell you about Alli.

Meet Alli. While UCLA was evaluating Rocket Phonics Alli’s Kindergarten teacher was telling her parents that she shouldn’t advance to first grade her reading skils were too poor. 

Alli thought she was dumb. But the Rocket Phonics program two or three times a week over the summer brought Alli to high second grade level when she entered first grade. 

Alli knew she was smart and the best reader in her class. Today, she has graduated from college, is married and has a job she loves. If you have a child who is struggling with reading don’t let them think they are dumb. Help them now.

Give me a call at 888-377-4664 after noon Eastern time and we can discuss your child. Every kid is different. So rather than just buy a reading program call and I will listen to what you have tried and give you a personal evaluation. (Occasionally,I need to hear your child read. If that is the case we will arrange a second call both absolutely free.)

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