In third grade our daughter’s teacher who had been with her for 3 years called us into the school to go over Stephanie’s test results. Stef was reading at 12th grade level! Nine years above where her teacher expected. Her teacher wanted to know how this could happen. It wasn’t always this way.

Three years earlier, the five year old, Stephanie, announced, “I’m sorry mommy I’m not going to learn to read.”

Right then I knew that we had two battles having reading win her heart and resolving the craziness of a language that has 13 vowel sounds, but only 5 vowel letters. (Vowels are in every word.)

Solving the craziness problem took a little out of the box thinking. But to win her heart we played games to teach her stuffed animals to read. Eventually I put those games into our reading program, but the result is 25 years later Stephanie sent me this picture of the books she is reading!

Clearly, reading won her heart.

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