Create a Confident Student out of a Struggling Reader

The Benefits of Rocket Phonics

Happy Child

Children enter school concerned about how they will fit in. The most important person in the classroom is the teacher. Happy teacher – happy child. A child who starts school reading better understands the textbooks, the homework and the teacher’s instructions. This makes the teacher happy.

Confident Child

Rocket Phonics uses the strongest phonics system available so that the child always knows how to sound out the word. Each word sounded out correctly builds the child’s confidence. Your child becomes more willing to try another word. This accelerates reading skill gain until they are reading above grade level.

Successful Child

Reading is the gateway skill to academic success. Reading at or above grade level gives your child the understanding he or she needs to succeed in every subject. Only one out of three children read at grade level which puts your child at the top of his or her class!
As Allison said after leaping to the head of her class in first grade, “I’m smart now.”

Why Rocket Phonics?

The first step in answering, How to Help a Child Struggling With Reading is to look at the program you’re using. Is it stuck on 26 letter alphabet with only 5 vowel letters? This restricts the child to guessing which of English’s 13 vowel sounds are in the word in front of them. Rocket Phonics has 13 letter or letter combinations one for each vowel.

For example Rocket Phonics uses the letter “a” for the short a sound and the letters ay for the long sound. The child doesn’t have to guess which sound that “a” has. Eliminating the guessing and embedding our system into a series of games allows us to immerse the child in reading. This creates a happy, confident and successful child out of a struggling reader.

About Stephen

Being a medical doctor for 44 years, I created Rocket Phonics to teach my 5 year old to read. At third grade she was reading at 12th grade level. In order to be sure it wasn’t just my daughter I asked UCLA to do a study. In 2001 UCLA released the results and in 3 months our average improvement was nearly 1 year. I then offered the program to the general public.


“Rocket Phonics is one program that I can use with ALL my kids. I have FIVE children age 3 – 11, my 5 year-old amazes people with her reading ability, and even my littlest, who just turned 3, asks to do his phonics cards. I found the program easy to use from the get-go”

“I have used a multitude of different phonics programs only to not get the results…. I tried Rocket Phonics because my 11 year-old was barely reading on 3rd grade level. After using Rocket Phonics from Sept. to the end of Jan, 11-year-old is now reading at early fifth grade level!”

“He was so proud of himself after playing the treasure hunt he said, “It is a miracle!”

I said, “Really, a miracle is something you don’t really expect to happen but it does. I always had faith that you would be able to read and expected it to happen.” 🙂

Him: “I thought I would never be able to read, so to me it is a miracle.”

– Deanna D.

After only a few weeks of instruction of Rocket Phonics lessons, we are thrilled to say our daughter is reading, loves to read, and enjoys the Rocket Phonics games, jokes and riddles. And in the fall she was the only child in her class who can read.”
– Patty

My 7 year-old son completed Rocket Phonics at age 6, and came out reading at 4th grade level at age 6, and entering first grade. He is reading at 5th grade level now, and he is only in second grade this coming year.”
– Megan
Our daughter now is starting 4th grade and has consistently scored in the 99th or 100th percentile in reading, reading well into the high school level. Thanks!”
– Patty
I just calculated up how long it took for me to teach my son Zachary the RP program; only 8 months of actually teaching the program averaging 2-3 times per week – wow what a gift you have given us to be able to teach a child to read so quickly and what a gift he has – he loves to read and can read books that interest him!”
– BeLinda
My kindergartener is reading so well (for her age) that instead of doing a guided reading group, she gets one on one with reading teacher twice a week. The reading teacher told me they were bumping her up to the next level again next week.”
– Ami

How Does It Work

You start out playing with the Play and Read cards. This teaches the phonics system so they can sound out words. We then have them blend sounds into words in a different game. As their reading stamina increases we advance the games from words to phrases to sentences and finally stories.

This approach creates a child who loves reading and reads well.

Just Follow These Steps:

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Step 3: Blend these sounds into words.

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