Rocket Phonics Bonus Gifts

Section 1.3

If you have a preschool-age child or a child who loves to move around a lot, here are a variety of fun games to introduce the 36 sounds and begin blending 2-3 sounds. For those children who don’t yet know the letters’ shapes, these games are perfect for learning them. Click here and also here for the big letters.

You can find on YouTube several videos showing how we introduce the Rocket Phonics Play & Read Cards sounds and shapes. Click here and here.


Stephen and Maureen Guffanti

Preschool Games to Introduce Rocket Phonics Sounds

Remembering The Key Sounds

The purpose of pictures is to give your child something concrete to visualize. Because it is easier to visualize real objects rather than abstract letters some children will not create the link from the picture to the letter.

If your child can only blend the sounds using the cards but not the letters on a page, at this point he is associating the picture with the sound, rather than the letter with the sound.

To build his association of the letter with its sound, take the letters he doesn’t yet know, and either you or he draws the picture associated with that letter. Or you can use the samples shown on this page. While he’s drawing, have him practice the sound the letter makes

Rocket Phonics: Extra Bingo Games

Section 1.4

Phonetic Thinking Skills Games
Word Find Treasure Hunt Game and Phrase Game 1, 2, 3

Sections 2.1-2.5

Non-phonetic Thinking Skills Games 
Rocket Phonics Thirteen Fun Riddles
Three Rocket Phonics Treasure Hunts 1, 2, 3
Rocket Phonics: Eight New Riddles and More
Three More Rocket Phonics Treasure Hunts 1, 2, 3

Section 3.4

Rocket Phonics: Rocket Parts

Rocket Phonics: A Poem

Rocket Phonics: Meet Rosie (A poem)

Rocket Phonics: An Amazing Event

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