VPK Performance Standards & Your Preschool

The real issue was summarized by a preschool expert who said, “Schools teach curriculum; preschools teach children.” Children love to play and through play they will learn many of the social skills needed for life. Rocket Phonics uses games that train reading readiness, but are still games. 

The child can play, develop social skills and have fun while the games meet the VPK emergent reader standards. For example, Standard 1 Benchmark a “Engages in multiple back-and-forth communicative interactions with adults.” Every game meets this standard.  Or Standard 3 “Shows alphabetic and print knowledge” you can use the Word Find Game which is like an Easter egg hunt with words to meet this standard. The kids get to be kids. The preschool gets to be a preschool. And when it was tried in a preschool twice a week for two months half the four-year-olds were reading words well above state requirements! The parents were very happy.

The VPK Assessment is focused on 4 areas: Print Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Oral Language Vocabulary and Mathematics (number sense). Rocket Phonics easily covers the first three without turning preschool into a school.

If your preschool wants to excel leave a comment and I will give you a free evaluation to see if there is something we can do.

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