Helping Your Child Read

Helping your child read confidently is a great gift. Only 30% of children learn to read with ease. The rest find it difficult. This is because the English language has 13 vowels, but only 5 vowel letters. So the child is forced to guess and the odds are 8 out of 13 that he will be wrong. The odds get worse if the word has two vowels and a word with 3 vowels only 1 in 20 chance of being right. 

With each wrong guess your child’s confidence wains until he or she gives up. Is it any wonder that so many children give up? My daughter was one of them which is why I created Rocket Phonics with its 36 sound letter cards. Because my daughter refused to learn to read I created games that taught reading rather than her dad. Once she had repeated success she became more confident. 

This confidence gave her new word attack skills. Considering that the English language has 800,000 words the ability to attack a printed word you don’t recognize is essential. For Rocket Phonics kids that confidence comes from winning games, reading jokes and stories. It comes with joy that will bring the child back to reading long after school is but a distant memory.

By third grade my daughter was reading at twelfth grade level an accomplishment that stunned her teachers and surprised her parents. (We knew she read faster than her dad, but I’m dyslexic. Five years later UCLA confirmed that Rocket Phonics reduces the time it takes to progress in years down to months.)

If your child is struggling please don’t let him or her get more frustrated. Leave a comment and I will give you a free evaluation to see if there is something we can do or just what the real problem is.

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