My Kid Can’t Read

“My kid can’t read,” said Hal. Tony was 8 and he could only read his name. His father was told that he would never learn to read. In 3 months Tony was reading at third grade level. He was happy to read and ready to teach his little sister. What did Rocket Phonics do that all the other reading programs failed to do?

Most reading programs use a 26-letter alphabet for their phonics program. Unfortunately, English has 13 vowel sounds and only 5 vowel letters. And every word has a vowel. To make the situation worse the vowel could be silent which means the odds are 5 out of 14 that the child can use his phonics system to sound out the word. Approximately one in three times the child will be right. If the word has 2 vowels it is the odds are down to 1 in 7. By three vowels the odds are 1 in 20.

Being wrong develops an increasing frustration with reading until broken-hearted the child gives up. Tony had given up. He knew he was stupid and he was never going to get it. 

Rocket Phonics has games that do the teaching. All I needed to do was play with Tony and let him win. Once he learned the phonics system we changed the games to reading one word. Then there were phrase games, sentence games and story games. It turned out Tony wasn’t stupid at all! He was extraordinarily bright. His dad was so grateful he was in tears.

What Can I do to help my Kid to Read?

The first step is to read to your child whatever you enjoy – Comics, novels, jokes or the news. Just knowing that you read will increase his desire to learn, Next set up a free consultation with me to talk about your child’s reading difficulty. There are about a half a dozen places where your child can get stuck. Between listening to the parent and hearing the child read over the phone I can understand the child’s strengths and weakness and which step he or she is missing.

If Rocket Phonics can help your child you will know by the end of the consultation. If it won’t I will have suggestions of what will help. 

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