Phonics Teaching Strategies

Phonics often mistyped phoic, is a system of letter-sound links that help you sound out words. Therefore, it needs the child to hear the sounds within the words (phonemic awareness) to work. Consequently, the weaker the phonics system the more sounds a letter has. The more sounds a letter has the more the child has to guess at the word. As a result, every wrong guess makes the child hate reading a little more. The kids above used to hate reading and now love it. This blog will give three phonics teaching strategies.

Strategy Number 1 – Use Strong Phonics

How did they make this turnaround?  At a minimum, there are 36 sounds in the English language. Their reading program only used 26 letters so its phonics system was too weak.  These kids all started 1 to 3 years below grade level. Yet, by using a strong phonics system within a few months, they are all at or above grade level. So I’m having them read what they enjoy. Additionally, the words they don’t know they write in a special notebook which become their spelling words for the week.

Strategy Number 2 Embed It In Fun Games

In essence, let them read for enjoyment.  For example, the three children on the left and the boy in green are all reading different materials. Ziya reads Junie B Jones. Leo reads the newspaper! Kevin reads The School From the Black Lagoon. Eli is still in Rocket Phonics, but that is just because I have yet to find his joy – a book that is fun for him to read.

Why do I use outside books? Rocket Phonics will always stretch the young reader. However, it is just as important for a young reader to relax while reading. Just for fun. It grows their vocabulary and captures their heart and imagination. I may start a book club. I want them to talk to the other kids about their books. This talking accelerates comprehension and enjoyment. 

Phonics Teaching Strategy Number 3

Last, if you aren’t going the book club rout then have them tell you about what they are reading while you are making a meal. As a result of your questions they will develop greater understanding and insights into plot and characters. This level of comprehension is invaluable and seldom taught in school. Moreover, it sends a message that reading is important. 

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