Most Improved Award began by mom reading to her child

Reading to Her Fueled Her Success

Ziya came to me reading two years below grade level. Her mom used to read “Junie B. Jones” to her and she loved it. But she couldn’t read them herself. She became extremely gifted at manipulating other people to read to her.

Rocket Phonics Gave Her Hope

Finally, she got a tutor that just asked her to read two pages of Rocket Phonics a day, and then we would play. In three months Ziya was at grade level. In another two months, she was above grade level instructional reading. Now her textbooks were making sense to her. Her growth in all her classes was so phenomenal that Florida’s Step Up For Students said she was in the top 1% most improved in the state! Here she is with her award.

Most Improved Award

Reading To A Child Is Key

But Ziya’s greatest joy came when someone donated 6 Junie B Jones books! Once she discovered she could read them herself she was overjoyed. Just look. Clearly reading to a child kept her heart longing to read herself until I came along.

This combination of reading to your child and Rocket Phonics rapid results gave hope to Ziya. This hope fueled her efforts in the classroom as well as during her leisure time. She now wants to be an actress! Besides feeding the heart of this little girl her vocabulary is growing. This is academically an important step and something she must do to get to the next grade level. After all, actresses have a bigger vocabulary and they got it through reading. 

If your child is having trouble with reading like Ziya 50% of the time it’s a weak phonics system. It will take a phone call and a few minutes to find out why and create a plan to fix it. Leave a comment below and I’ll contact you.

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