Step 2 Phonics System

Most reading programs use a phonics system. Phonics is a system that links the sound to a letter.  Phonics helps the child in sounding out words. Unfortunately,  English’s biggest problem is that it has 13 vowels, but only 5 vowel letters. Couple that with the fact that every word has a vowel and if you are restricted to a 26 letter alphabet you force the child to guess at every word. Such a phonics system is a little better than just memorizing the word. 

Therefore, Rocket Phonics uses a 36 sound-symbol system so the child always knows how to sound every word out. Just as important the extra symbols are like ch, sh, or th commonspellings with unique sounds.

Phonics is Using Your Childs Talents

In addition, the average 5-year-old has a 5,000-word vocabulary. When they sound out a word often they recognize it as a word they have spoken and thus know its meaning. By using our strong phonics system we can immerse the child in reading. This immersion allows children to pick up new words three to four times faster than the average reading program. The children themselves see their rapid progress. Their confidence blossoms. We have won the heart of the child which is the greatest gift. 

The more a child reads; the better reader he or she becomes. Reading is a lifelong journey and their love of reading is the only fuel for that journey. If they are to reach their full potential they will have to read at home. Only a child who loves reading and thinks it’s fun will do that. With practice, they begin to recognize words and no longer need to sound them out. (This is Step 3 and the most abused step of all.)

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