Using Grade Level Reading To Do Schoolwork


Ziya loves to read, but not her textbooks. The main reason I work with Ziya is because if she doesn’t read at grade level by third grade she has a 50% unemployment rate for the rest of their life. Rocket Phonics brought her to 4th grade level from Kindergarten in 6 months. She even won a statewide award for most improved. So she can read her third grade textbook, but they are boring. 

In a weird turnaround Ziya now has to hurry to do 2 pages of schoolwork before I let her read Junie B Jones to me. (I put her on a 30 minute timer when she finishes 2 pages of schoolwork she gets to read what she wants,) I am flattered that reading is now so much fun for her it can be used as a reward. If anyone else have ideas for rewards or motivation please leave a comment below.

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