Why Games For Readers?

The adult often reads for fun so why not use games for the child reader?  Games increase focus and time on task. Both of these are well known to improve learning. In addition, the steps in learning to read are well known – phonemic awareness, phonics, recognized words, fluency and comprehension. So knowing what you want the child to learn all you need to do is create a game where learning these steps is part of the journey.

Rocket Phonics started out as a series of games a father made for his daughter who didn’t want to learn to read. Today, thousands of children have learned to love reading by playing those games. Even better the parents didn’t need to trained to use the program. All they need is to let their children win.

March is National Reading Month Start Now

When should children start to read? And what should they start reading? Actually, the purpose of National Reading Month is to develop their interest in reading. So if they can’t read just yet then read to them. If they seem interested in learning to read and they can rhyme you can play our Go Fish or match games. (You just need two decks of cards.) If they can’t rhyme sing nursery rhymes with them. (Singing links the right brain to the left similar to what happens when reading.) Of course, if they’re already reading they should read what they are interested in.

When Do We Use Games For Readers?

 We use games when the child is reluctant to read. About half the students in America’s schools are reading below grade level because of the weak phonics system being used. These kids are tired of failing. So they just give up. Rocket Phonics was made for these children. It uses the strongest phonics system available embedded in a series of games. It heals the heart while it teaches the mind to read. 

If your child is a reluctant reader in middle school or high school then it may be too late for Rocket Phonics. However, often older kids will play games with little ones. Remember, it’s the games that do the teaching not the players. I have seen older children learn to love to read by helping their kid brother.

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